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2019 was one of the best years in the history of SCAS. We spent over 950 volunteer hours helping more than 1,000 clients. We piloted a client feedback survey to evaluate our service quality and began to reach out directly to community centers like Rosie’s Place to teach residents about their legal rights. Most exciting of all, we launched a ground-breaking advertising campaign on MBTA subway that has led to an explosion of interest in SCAS and our services from the Greater Boston Area.

All of these milestones were possible thanks to generous donors like you. But we still need your support to provide the same, high-quality services as we continue to grow. Your support will help us reach more underserved populations, build a close community among our students, and improve the quality of the services our clients receive. No matter how much you can give, your contribution goes towards empowering Massachusetts residents to know their rights and seek justice in the small claims system.

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